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If you feel you are eligible to attend Security & Policing 2019 but do not fit into any of the above categories,

please email stating your eligibility.


(Please ensure you use an official email address and not a personal one e.g. Hotmail as otherwise your registration will be rejected)


This Data is only accessed if there is a Medical Emergency

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All visitors are invited to upload a photo for display on your badge. 

This is OPTIONAL but will allow faster re-entry to the exhibition, as you will not need to show photographic ID each time you re-enter.
(Following strict protocol, all photos and registration data are stored on secure, encrypted servers and promptly deleted at the end of the event.)

All VISITORS are asked to upload a photo into the system. :  
The Maximum file size is 2MB, supported image formats are GIF, JPEG and PNG.  Please click ‘Browse’ to select your photo.  Once chosen click ‘Upload’.
This website can be used to compress your photos to enable correct photo attachments.
Photos must be portrait, showing a close up of the head and shoulders.  It must be only of the subject and no other objects or people. (please DO NOT scan your passport photograph - this will delay your onsite registration as your photograph will need to be re-taken.)
Photo ID will still need to be shown for the initial security check to collect the badge.  Having a photo on the badge will expedite any follow up entries to the event.

Photos can be taken and added to the badge at the point of collection, but badges will NOT be re-printed to add photos at a later stage.



Please tick if you consent to your photograph being used for certain facial recognition features on the exhibition site:


Personal data will be processed in accordance with the ADS privacy policy available on

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